Dark Taupe & Navy Silk Bucket Hat
Dark Taupe & Navy Silk Bucket Hat
Dark Taupe & Navy Silk Bucket Hat

Dark Taupe & Navy Silk Bucket Hat

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Dark taupe with a navy interior and grey stitching.

Size & Fit
Top edge circumference: S/M 44.4cm M/L 47.4cm.
Head circumference: S/M 58.5cm M/L 61.5cm.
Bottom edge circumference: S/M 79.5cm M/L 83.5cm.
Height: S/M 15.75cm M/L 16cm.

The hat is constructed entirely of silk and sewn with 100% cotton thread. The outer layers are a tightly woven silk taffeta fabric which has an iridescent quality.

The inner structural layer of the hat is constructed of a silk interfacing. This gives structure and malleability, allowing the hat to return to its original shape if scrunched or flattened.

The natural qualities of silk provide breathability. Silk taffeta is known to draw moisture away from the body while maintaining a dry feeling against the skin.

The design allows complete reversibility. As most models are a combination of two colours the user may reverse the hat to produce a different style. The signature zigzag stitch denotes the outer layer of the hat.

For lighter coloured items such as the Blush Yellow, Mauve, and Pink, we recommend wearing the Silk Jersey Headband to protect against discolouration. This can occur when the natural oils of the skin and hair transfer to the fabric of the hat.

We recommend dry cleaning to retain the form and structure of the hat. While it may be hand washed with a mild detergent, this method will gradually decrease the rigidity of the fabric.

End of Life
The materials used in this hat have been selected for durability and an ability to decompose at the end of the it’s practical life. When placed in the right conditions silk materials can completely decompose in 12-24 months.

The materials for this product have been chosen for their incorporation into the cradle-to-cradle design process.

Dark Taupe & Navy Silk Bucket Hat